AP Computer Science (Java) - Computational Thinking
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One Week Workshop.


Computational Programming and Robotics  - Grade 8-12


- Target Advanced Placement Computer Science and Beyond.

This workshop teaches the essential ideas of Computer Sciences to students with no or very little prior-experience. While this course focuses for the beginners, it also brings them to understand further through exercises with computational thinking, not just the syntax of Java.

Computational Thinking skills are the underpinning skills for many professionals in this technology age, especially for the computer scientists. Often, computer programming is simply about discovering patterns and learn how to model them. The course demystifies and brings those patterns to life.

This course will allow each individual to reach his/her full potential. Our instructions follow our successful model used in our school year program called "Algormithms in C/C++".   Most of our students have achieved score 5, max score, in their AP Computer Science Exam with little extra effort.

For the more advanced students, this course covers not just programming, but also understanding how to  computationally solve problems.  You will go beyond learning theories to gaining a lot of hands-on practice in programming implementation. For example, instead of just using the intrinsic library, these students will learn how the algorithms work, and write their own.   This goes beyond what the HS AP Computer Science requires.

Abstract of Learning Topics:

  • Standard Operations on Data Structure such as array, strings, lists, etc.
  • Utilization of Fundamental Search Algorithms such as binary, or sequential.
  • Utilization of Fundamental Sort Algorithms such as Insertion or QuickSort
  • Program Analysis and Trouble Shooting Skills
  • OOPS concepts including Class specifications, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism,

The class will use Java programming language, required by the AP Computer Science by College Board. Instructor is a software development professional with years of system-level development.


  • High proficiency in Algebra I.
  • Have some form of programming background. To meet this criteria, you will either
    • send us one of your latest computer program that you have completed.   OR
    • have completed one of our workshops using RobotC or earlier programming class with satisfactory result, such as Robotics Fun with Math, or Robotics Programming with Algebra.
  • MUST love challenge. You will be required to write many programming exercises.

Learning Tools:

  • Software - either Integrated Development Environment, as well as Learning how to build software from Shell command.
  • Barron's AP Computer Science Book.

Take Home:

All students' programming work files.
Test result and work from one AP Computer Science Mock Exam. (Note. Students will review all results)