Hands-on Electrical Engineering (Embedded Systems Design) - II
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This is the Stage (Week) Two of our Introduction to Embedded Systems Design.
They are offered in two consecutive weeks.


Physics and Electronic with Robotics — Grade 8-12

For those who have taken Embedded Systems with us in 2018: If you like what you learned in the 2018 Embedded System Workshop, you should take this 2nd one as the 2nd workshop has redesigned with materials which will give you more sound foundation in electronic aspects used in robotics.


Go here to view description of Stage One.

This workshop is a continuation from Stage one. It is meant for those who have at least some basic experience with embedded systems like the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi. The objective of this course is to further the hardware/engineering skills necessary to eventually develop an independent project with the design that you created in Stage One.

Anticipated Engineering Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of a microcontroller and cover creation of your own circuit designs with more reliable, faster, and functionalities.
  • Go more in-depth understanding in the STM32 which offered superior and innovative peripherals than the popular platform Arduino.
  • Communicate between different uC’s that are programmed to be optimized for just one task such as driving encoders.
  • Learn to use discrete components to replace the need for software tasks that would cause latency (hardware debounce w/ RC circuits, 555 timer instead of interrupt).
  • Basic concepts of real time operating systems and how hardware design can negate the need for pricey processors/workstations with the same results.
  • Explore HAL in order to obtain higher productivity.
  • May Hook up with an existing robot chassis to test out the final design.


  • Must have completed Stage One or equivalent. If you are not sure whether you have the equivalent skills. Email to office @ stormingrobots.com for assessment and authorization if you are interested in Level II, but wish to skip Level I workshop.

Take Home :

  • You will bring home a working robot with motors, motor shields, etc. with your own controller which is far more robust micro-controller packed with more functionalities allowing even professional development.
  • Your own engineering portfolio to reflect your work/project.


In September, 3 students with the BEST Online Portfolios will be announced and receive a prize. Please contact us for more details.