Intelligent Search Algorithm - Optimal Win! (AI)
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One Week Workshop of Half Day: from 9am to 12pm


Computer Science and Engineering — Grade 8-12


Workshop participants will acquire College level Computer Science Disciplines.

There is nothing more fascinating and satisfying than to produce the intelligence for a computer to be able to analyze and make decisions on a real-time basis. Learn an algorithm to figure out every best move to optimize its chance of victory in a two-player game. Implement search algorithms used as a prototype for other complex games, such as chess.

Just being able to write a computer program is far different from the ability to write an algorithm, which is used to develop and express efficient solutions to computational problems. You will learn to write an algorithm which will yield a high degree of computer success without depleting computer power resources. This course covers not just programming, but also understanding how to  computationally solve problems.  You will go beyond learning theories to gaining a lot of hands-on practice in programming implementation.  

Computer Science/Algorithm Learning:

  • In-depth exploration of first search algorithm, stack (recursion) implementation
  • Learn the intelligent search theory called Minimax Algorithm
  • Simulate this theory by implementing a tic-tac-toe AI program that never loses.
  • Efficient Debugging
  • Perform effective and efficient test for accuracy and performance of the algorithm.

This course will be taught by a software development professional with years of experience in system-level development.


  • High proficiency in Algebra I.
  • Have programming background in C/C++, or other programming languages such as Python, or Java. Please send us one of your most accomplished computer programs. Acceptance to this class will depend on the approval after this program is reviewed.
  • If you have taken "Programming with Algebra and Robotics" with a high performance, you are eligible for this class..

Learning Tools:

  • Software - Microsoft Visual Studio Express C/C++
  • Additional Exercises and learning materials from Storming Robots
NOTE: While this workshop will not use the robot itself, knowledge learned from this workshop is indispensable to write robust robotics programs.

Take Home:

All Student's work files, and AI code.