Introduction to 3D Printing and Modeling
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One week workshop. Mon-Fri: 9am to 3pm.


Robotics Projects Track — Grade 8-12

3D printing at Storming Robots3D printing will take students to the world of industrial level of rapid and easy prototyping of any creative 3D object. 3D printing has increasingly being used to prototype or even become part of the solutions for many engineering projects, as well as items for home, and personal hobbies.

3D printing at Storming RobotsInstead of using expensive software like AutoCad, you will learn to same 3D design concepts with some very popular opensource software tool such as OpenScad, TinkerCad, Sculptris.

Students will learn how to design and print their own 3D models. This will allow students to continue their 3D modeling design at home without additional cost of software license.

By the end of the course, they will have printed out a number of objects of your own design, and take home his creation.

While 3D printing is quickly adapted in many universities and companies,the techniques required to successfully create a part is not as easy as it sounds, even for technical savvy individuals. Here comes a great learning opportunity for those who are interested in designing parts for projects. The following list some of the items created by SR students in the past:

  • Figure like the Pikachu;
  • Soap dish with self-water-dispensing component;
  • Personalized items such as pen holder, pencil case, picture frame, etc.;
  • Customized Case to hold the Raspberry PI with PI-cam.
  • Independent housing modules for your robot;
  • Customized cell-phone case;

What do they do in this workshop:

  • Create a 3D model using both CAD based software and "freehand" modeling tools.
  • Learn to design 3D models with various popular open-source but solid 3D design software such as OpenSCAD, TinkerCAD, Sculptris.
  • Prepare your models for Printing - such as "slicing",  settings and parameters for a good print such as infill, creating supports for overhangs, etc.
  • Prepare the 3D Printer - Do's and Don'ts and How.
  • Cover the parts of a 3D printer — we'll look inside and outside of a 3D printer to get an idea how it works and how to maintain it.
  • Cover types of Printing Materials - we'll use common PLA plastic to print most objects but we'll also discuss more specialized materials such as nylon, ninja flex, glow in the dark material, and even some most latest fascinating materials if time allows.
  • Learn how to be a proficient self-learner by using online resources.

This course is designed by our Techology Chief. He has led our Robotics Competition Teams to have very successful experience in creating our own components utilizing 3D-printing Technology in the past 2 years.


  • High proficiency in Introduction to Algebra.
  • Some programming background in C/C++, or other programming languages such as Python, or Java. Please send us one of your most accomplished computer programs. Acceptance to this class will depend on the approval after this program is reviewed. OR
  • If you have taken "Programming with Algebra & Robotics" with a high performance in the same term, or have completed Storming Robots' Algorithms in C/C++ Level B, you are eligible for this class.