Junior Robotics Technology Projects
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Five Days Workshop.


Theme-based Projects. This is a lower grade levels from the "Robotics Technology Projects" Workshop - Gr. 4 to 6.


Every day is filled with engaging robotics short projects involving building from scratch and learning behavior-based programming for automation. Students will be divided into multitude of skill levels in order to allow individuals to challenge their own abilities. Come to gain and polish your true programming and mechanical building skills!

For experienced: For those who have taken the earlier Robotics Technology Projects Workshop or more roboitcs experience, you will have the opportunity to take on more complex projects.

Projects may include:
  • Ball Roller Coaster with built-in sensor to allow balls to roll back and forth.
  • Robo - Ballerina.  You will be amazed by what a multi-staged gear system can do.
  • Rattlesnake with the ability to coil up and down and strike when it senses human presence.
  • A "top fuel" dragster built with power to pop a wheelie at the start before running forward at a high speed.
  • A simple robotic dog driven by you with a couple of sensors. And much more.


  • Must enjoy challenging the mind and being creative.
  • Must enjoy mathematics.
  • Must enjoy analyzing intricate problems.
  • Must be willing and able to work with others.

Learning Tools:

  • Hardware - LEGO® Mindstorms™
  • Software - Graphical RobotC©

Take Home:

Students' Own Engineering Journal Log Book.