Missions to Mars Space Challenge
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One week Workshop.


Theme-based Projects - Grade 4 to 6


Alien Encounter leads you through the exciting adventures of LEGO® astronauts!  LEGO astronauts have crash-landed on an alien planet, where they have to work through a series of space difficulties in order to survive.

For those who love math, this wifll be a great opportunity to see how math is used to resolve difficult robotics challenges and more. You will learn the coding disciplines in coding and computer programming in order to automate their robots to achieve engaging activities.

Students will work on an appealing field with space inspiration. They will cover the topics about different Space Exploration Vehicles such as :Voyager 1 (launched to perform flybys of Jupiter and Saturn), and the Mars Pathfinder lander, Sojourner rover (touch down on the surface of Mars).

Part of the day will also focus on mechanical functions used to build a sound structure. Students will be introduced to important mechanical tips in creating robust structures thru the context of a mechanical RoboDog.

Come to learn how to create strong yet elegant mechanisms with the Technic system. Instructions are not doled out in spoon-feeding style, but in a way that stimulates understanding, thinking outside the box, and creating your own structure.

You’ll gain conceptual-level insight into mechanical principles like torque, power translation, and gear ratios, etc. with technic components. To finalize the week, you will build a mechanical RoboDog and motorize it.


  • Must enjoy challenging the mind and being creative.
  • Must enjoy mathematics.
  • Must enjoy analyzing intricate problems.
  • Must be willing and able to work with others.

Learning Tool:

  • Hardware - LEGO® Mindstorms™
  • Software - Graphical RobotC

Take Home:

Student's own Engineering Journal Log Book.