Programming with Computational Thinking
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1 to 6 weeks. You will progressively advance your programming skill at their own pace. Take one week if you wish to just explore. You may continue weeks of this workshop to further in-depth knowledge, up to some algorithms usually introduced in advanced college levels. Reference:  View the syllabus.


Computer Science and Engineering - Grade 8-12


Computer Science goes far beyond just Coding. It lays important foundation in efficient problems solving in this digital age, especially in science and engineering realm. This track is not just about programming in a specific language, but to focus on problems solving skill with computational thinking.

Computational thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating a problem and expressing effective solutions to the problem. All programming activities will cover not just programming, but also understanding how to computationally solve problems.  You will go beyond learning concepts and mechanics in programming, and work on a lot of hands-on practice in problems solving with efficiency in mind which will greatly benefit in your future endeavor in any facet in academic, especially science application in this digital age.

Following our proven excellent record throughout school year, we carry our learning model to our summer programs. 

View our students achievements with USACO exams here. USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the States. The achievements demonstrated the effectiveness of our model.

Highlight of Learned topics

( Many of the following concepts are required fundamentals in USACO )
  • Modularization: Basics in Decomposition and Abstraction.
  • Linear Data Structure to Abstract Data Types
  • Computational algorithms such as Euclid, Newton-Raphson, Sieve of Eratosthenes, etc.
  • Basic imperative programming constructs: assignments, conditionals, procedures and loops.
  • Examples including summing an array, slow and fast exponentiation.
  • String Manipulation.
  • Memory pointers, recursive vs. Iterative algorithms, stacks vs. queue concept.
  • Basic and fast sorting, such as Quicksort vs Insertion sort.
  • Basic search, such as binary search
  • Stacks : such as Recursion - tips and rules. Will have plenty of exercises to help you understand the stack operations
  • Programming with abstract datatypes. Objects and classes as modules; specification; data abstraction. Reference-linked data structures: linked lists, binary trees.
  • Compilation process and tips for robust programming.
  • Debugging skills
For the advanced students, they will be introduced to algorithms such as KnapSack, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer, etc.

The class will use the C/C++ programming language. Instructor is a software development professional with years of system-level development. At the end of the course, we shall also have some fun in solving a few USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) problems.


  • MUST possess High proficiency in Algebra I.
  • MUST love analysis. There will be analytical work in additional programming.
  • MUST love mind challenge.

Learning Tool:

Software - Microsoft Visual Studio Express C/C++  

NOTE: While this workshop will not use the robot itself, knowledge learned from this workshop is indispensable to write robust robotics programs.

Take Home:

Students' Own Online Computer Science Portfolio. (Goal is not just to record your work, but to substantiate your qualification and skill. Helpful addition to college application.)

Prize In September, 3 students with the BEST Online Portfolios will be announced and receive a prize. Please contact us for more details.