Raspberry PI I - OS and Python
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One Week Workshop.


Physics and Electronic with Robotics — Grade 8-12


Raspberry is a credit-card side low-cost, fully programmable computer running the Linux operating system. It offers great learning value with less that $50 from computer science to electronic. This device has been used for varoius Internet Of Things projects. This will excite the innate "techie" inside you.

This track will cover
  • Basic functionality the Raspberry Pi B+ board, and careful set up and configuration before usage;
  • Fundamentals in a Linux OS file system, and basic navigation around a Linux System
  • Basics in administering your own PI system.
  • Basics in GPIO utility with fundamental digital and analog device
  • Explore Kernel mode Programming to interface with I2C device
  • Learn basics in Python Programming
  • May touch on IOT (Internet Of Things) if time allows.


  • High proficiency in Algebra I.
  •  MUST Have programming background in C/C++, or other programming languages such as Python, or Java for PI-I. Knowledge in basic data structure including data array and high proficiency in understanding control structure are important. Please send us one of your most accomplished computer programs. Acceptance to this class will depend on the approval after this program is reviewed.

Learning Tools:

  • Software - Linux tools
  • Hardware - Raspberry Pi - Model 3 (with other electronic devices such as logic level shifter.)

Take Home:

At the end of the course, the Raspberry Pi Kit will be yours to keep (over $80 value). Better yet, you will have completely set up your system for you to continue cool projects at home. The kit will include :
  • Raspberry Pi-3 B
  • 2.5A power supply with switch
  • 32GB Micro SD Card with Reader
  • GPIO Breakout w/ Cobbler
  • Pi-3 Case Base
  • Other accessories for electronic experiments

Student's Own Engineering Journal Log Book.