Raspberry PI II - Computer Vision
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One Week Workshop.


Physics and Electronic with Robotics — Grade 8-12


This is the next level after the Raspberry PI I workshop. This workshop focuses on Open Computer Vision technology. Open CV has continuously gained its significance in advancing articficial intelligence realm, such as machine learning.

In this workshop, it will cover
  • Further understanding in important Python Tuple data structure
  • Utilize the robust Python Numpy Library
  • Learn basics in image processing.
  • Learn Open Source Computer Vision control with Python.
  • Learn Canny Edge Detection, and/or KNN Algorithm.
  • Use OpenCV to identify object in real time.
  • Explore facial recognition.


  • High proficiency in Algebra I.
  • MUST Have high proficiency in Python and basic Linux OS administrative tasks.
  • Knowledge in basic data structure including data array and high proficiency in understanding control structure are important. Please send us one of your most accomplished computer programs. Acceptance to this class will depend on the approval after this program is reviewed.
  • If you have attended our Raspberry PI I workshop with good performance, you are automatically eligible for this class.

Learning Tools:

  • Software - Linux tools
  • Hardware - Raspberry Pi - Model 3, Pi Cam, Motor Hat.

Take Home:

  • Pi Cam
  • Pi motor Hat
  • USB Battery pack 5000+mAh (2A output)