Robot-to-Robot Automation and Remote Control I
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One week workshop.


Computational Programming and Engineering — Grade 7-12


Ever wonder how one can remotely control another robot? Not just pressing a series of buttons or moving joysticks! This workshop aims to help students to gain the knowledge about what it takes to do remote communication. Students will learn to perform the following:
  • collecting sensor information from the self-made hand-held controller
  • creating "packaged" data packets
  • sending "packaged" control information to the remote robot.
  • "un-packaging" the received data
  • start have fun to remote navigate another robot.

This course will be broken down into 3 phases:

    Phase I:
  • Learn the programming language – RobotC.
  • Master the semantics.
  • Learn Basic Motion Navigation with simple sensor.

    Phase II:
  • Learn basics in remote controlling with Bluetooth communication.
  • Learn to conduct remote control with multiple sensors.
  • Learn an efficient programming algorithm to send data to control another robot's motions.

    Phase III: Application!
  • Will have opportunity to create their own controller brick to remotely steer and speed-control another robot.
  • Workshop will conclude with students' technical presentation on either individual or collaborative project.


  • Must be highly proficient in pre-Algebra, and enjoy Mathematics
  • Must enjoy challenging the mind and being creative.
  • Must enjoy analyzing intricate problems.
  • Must be willing and able to work with others.

Learning Tool:

  • Hardware — LEGO® Mindstorms™
  • Software — RobotC©

Take Home:

Students' Own Engineering Journal Log Book.