Robotics Fun with Mathematics
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Five Day Workshop.


Open-ended Theme-based Projects — Grade 4 to 6


You will be engaged in enabling your robot to use mathematics to predict a path and make it more precise and accurate. Your robot will be commissioned to race through a terrain to find its secret location.

In order to complete the mission, you not only will build your robot from scratch, but also will program your robot to decipher secret codes. In order to do this, you will learn how to use the encoder and create a system that can give the robot the ability to complete these tasks.

You will learn the application of encoder/rotation sensors with a mechanical system in robot navigation. You will also learn how to program sensors feedback to encounter unexpected situations.  

Continuous open-ended design challenges are conducted with true engineering process in order to strengthen problem-solving, intricate analysis, and teamwork.

There will be worksheets to reinforce your math skill in order to complete the mission. Classes will conclude with a collaborative contest in which campers will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they've collected throughout the workshop.


  • Knowledge in Pre-algebra.
  • Must enjoy challenging the mind and being creative.
  • Must enjoy mathematics.
  • Must be willing and able to work with others.

Learning Tools:

  • Hardware — LEGO® Mindstorms™
  • Software — Graphical-RobotC© or RobotC©

Take Home:

Student's own Engineering Journal Log Book.