Robotics Programming and Algebra
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One Week Workshop.


Computational Programming and Engineering - Grade 7-12


Students use mathematics as a thinking tool for reasoning. This lends the foundation for algorithmic thinking and analysis. This workshop aims to utilize mathematics as a thinking tool for resolving robotics problems. You will learn through hands-on robotics experiments with mobile robots, not simply by solving problems in writing on worksheets. Topics focus on applications, not just the mechanics side of algebra. That means students do not just calculate, they analyze and apply what they've learned in various contexts. For the novice, you will learn programming abstracts in C/C++ and writing math algorithms.

For experienced students, you will learn how to program more complex algorithms.

Robotics projects will put the following into application context:
  • Fundamental programming structure and possibly data structure if time allows;
  • State Diagrams/Table;
  • Physics in mechanical gears math;
  • Analysis using scale factor and proportional reasoning;
  • Important data collection skills needed for research and analysis work;
  • Trigonometrical application;
  • Understanding iterative vs recursive; and
  • Mathematical algorithms such Euclid Algorithm or Sieve of Eratosthenes to demonstrate their elegance and efficiency over ad-hoc algorithms.

Robot projects may include programming your own wired remote control and engaging in a hair-raising cliffhanger contest, intelligence obstacle avoidance with mathematics to increase the accuracy and precision.

Why use C/C++? C is a high level language, but it is closest to machine level. It is a ubiquitous language used as a backbone for many other programming languages.


  • Must enjoy challenging the mind and being creative.
  • Must enjoy mathematics.
  • Must enjoy analyzing intricate problems.
  • Must be willing and able to work with others.

Learning Tools:

  • Hardware - LEGO® Mindstorms™
  • Software - RobotC© and Microsoft® Studio Visual C/C++

Take Home:

Student's own Engineering Journal Log Book.