USACO Clinic
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One Week of Half Day Workshop: from 1 to 4pm


Computer Science and Engineering — Grade 8-12


This workshop aims for the enthusiastic budding Computer Scientists. Participants will focus on problems sets from the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) - the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the States.

Instead of just programming, participants will discuss the art of:
  • clearly defined the problem.
  • look for patterns.
  • come up test cases by identifying details and abstract
  • come up with ways to test and debug the solution.
  • decompose the problem into smaller problems.
  • build a model to simulate, and formulate the possible solutions by
  • identify possible bottleneck.
  • automate multiple tests.

This course will be taught by a software development professional with years of experience in system-level development.

  • High proficiency in Algebra I.
  • Have programming background in C/C++, or other programming languages such as Python, or Java.  Please send us one of your most accomplished computer programs. Acceptance to this class will depend on the approval after this program is reviewed.
  • If you have taken "Programming with Computational Thinking" with a high performance, you may be eligible for this class, depending on your levels from that workshop.

Learning Tools:

  • Software - Microsoft Visual Studio Express C/C++
  • Additional Exercises and learning materials from Storming Robots

Take Home:

All Student's work files, and AI code.