CodeSpace Track

Major Goals

  • Learn Critical Thinking Via Robotics without the cost of a physical robot kit.
  • Learn computer Programming with computational thinking via a 3D simulation environment.
  • Focus on analysis to strengthen problem solving skills indispensable in future success, especially in Engineering community.
  • Allow distance learning with igniting passion, and keeping up with the engagement.

What Students Do...

Students will receive training in order to equip them the fundamental skill to utilize the online programming system,. This will enable them to conduct exercises and advance their skills at home at anytime.

After the onsite training lessons, students will have two choices to continue on various projects. Progression will be based on each student's strength.

Programs adopt project-learning approach model which has proven effective through our past 10+ years impressive students' achievements. This has helped them to gain their advantageous edge at their high school or even college years.

Most projects are enhanced or created by our in-house experts. All gear toward computational thinking and focus on math application whenever possible. Many of SR's students have also conducted similar projects before they could take on more advanced endeavour.

Two Choices after the training:

  • Come to work at the Center: You will have a choice to either test your program on a physical (pre-built) robot, or working with the 3D simulation environment.
  • Online : Students will recieve continuous guidance and recommendation on his/her progress via the online system created by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy.

 Cost Schedule

Before students may utilize the platform, they will receive ten hours of training from us at reduced cost of $186 during the pilot term - 2017-Winter term. It will be $250 after 2017 Winter term.

Two Choices after the training:

Work in the facility at your choosen time:
  • Time: Any hour between 4 to 8pm from Tue to Thurs.
  • Fee: $20/hour.
  • Students will be also given learning packet to follow. This will also include progress report to maximize their learning experience and advancement.
  • Contact us for detailed payments schedule.

Work at home:
  • Students will utilize the online system at home.
  • Fee: (TBD) Will be subject to a very minimal subscription fee.
  • This will include guidance and progress monitoring by our staff in order to maximize their learning experience and advancement.
  • Contact us for detailed payments schedule.


  • 5th to 7th grade students.
  • Two teacher recommendations. Forms can be downloaded HERE
  • .

 To Register

Registration: Please email the office to register.