Robocupjunior 2013 world  USA teams
"...Their perseverance, dedication to work beyond expectation, and level of sophistication in their work for such young age is truly remarkable.Teams collected incredible learning experience when competing against and working with some of the brightest grade level students from 30+ different countries including China, Japan, and Germany...."

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image coming soon... Team Visionaries - Colleen and Brenna / the RoboDance/Primary: 
  • won  2nd Place in  the Individual Technical World Championship.
  • won 1st Place in the Super Team Champion along with teams from Mexico and Germany.
The ShimoZumo Team.  Vishnu, Joseph, Wilson and Hugh  won the Best Technical Presentation in the RoboRescue-A/Primary League.
  The Dimension Team.  Luke and Vadym entered the fiece RoboSoccer/Secondary League Competition  the first time. They won its way to the Quarter-Final at the League and ranked the 8th out of more than 30 top teams from various countries.

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image coming soon... The SR-chitects Team. Michael, Andre, Andrew, and Sal placed 13th from 29 strong teams at the RoboRescue B League. (Due to its complexity, there is no division of Primary or Secondary)
image coming soon... The SeedZ Team. Ashley, Sean, William, Bhavik, Neelay, and Yuwen placed 15th from 31 teams at the RoboRescue A/Primary League.
last updated on July 18th, 2013