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(Gr.8) My two children really enjoy Algorithmic in C class. I am so happy to see them discussing their homework and come up with various algorithms in order to resolve the problems. Truly see them developing their computational thinking skill, not just programming.
-- --L. Lobas

(Gr  5 & 8) " daughter  came home declaring today’s robotic class the icing on top of a cake! She’s extremely happy with the class. ... Over the years she somehow convinced herself that she hated math. However I observed a big change of her attitude toward math since last week’s robotic camp... Thank you for providing kids this kind of opportunity! ..."
--- -- W. Lu
(Gr 10+) "… With your programming class, Kevin improved his programming skill greatly. He now is doing a math internship at NJIT using the programming skills he learned from you. The professor, whom Kevin will work for at NJIT, complimented Kevin on his programming skills - even though he’s only a high school freshman, he possesses programming skills which are superior to his other college interns…”
-- P. Fritz
((Gr.8) I really want to let you know how impressed I was with our teams' robots compared to the others'. The intensity of your program was directly reflected in the complexity of our robots. You should feel very proud with your clubs' accomplishments. Your robots rocked!
--K. Van Blarcum

"... Alex loved the robocamp so much. He is coming back to join the roboclub.:
-- Parent from Summer Workshop
"... The exploratory workshop gathering was such a pleasant experience for all... My son was so excited about it on the way home ... My daughter and her little friend were completely comfortable... The big kids enjoyed their robot adventure..."

"We were so pleased with the day and plan to highly recommend it to our friends..."

-- K. Moore
"Thank you for your effort. Your enthusiasm is infectious.."

-- E. Zwelling

((Gr 6) “… I really did not know just how much he would learn. It is such a great way for kids to learn so many different subjects, from physics to computer science and even English. I was just expecting something fun for Avery and was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the curriculum you designed…”
-- K. Katko
((Gr 6) “…… Your program exceeded my expectations… my son learns and knows all sorts of physics, computer science and mathematics terminologies beyond what typical junior high school students study..."
-- Homeschool parent
"I was so surprised that my son will go through things that I myself did not even have a chance to learn when I was his age...I thought it was just programming, but I see all the math like standard unit conversion, topics like basic schematic of a sensor... this is more than I have expected..."
-- Homeschool parent
(Gr 4+) "Just want to tell you how much he liked the robocamp.  The instructor was great, and the non robotic lessons in physics, engineering were really   fantastic... Theo worked his brain..."
--- -- L. Rabka

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