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2015-6 Workshops For Home schoolers Registration Form
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Robotics Computational programming using RobotC-VW
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Prerequisite:  Score 60+ from our Analysis Worksheet. Please email us to acquire a copy.

Math League Workshop
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Prerequisite:  Score 60+ from our Analysis Worksheet. Please email us to acquire a copy.

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Dear parents, it is important that your child has read our code of conduct and he/she will have no problem to conform.  The quality of these robotics workshops/robocamp programs relies not only on the high quality of our staff and programs, but also the cooperation and respect from the students.  Attendance of students with repeated behavioral issues will be terminated without refund. 

Note: We shall regret not to accept student who may have issues to follow our code of conduct.

Important Note:

  • Staff is not permitted to dispense medications.  Arrangements MUST be made accordingly before the beginning of your registered session.  
  • Minimum $60 deposit is required to reserve a seat. This will be fully applied to tuition.   Please note that a student is not fully registered until we have received the "Total" Workshop(s) fee.   An enrollment confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours after the minimum deposit payment is received. 
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged $50, which includes $15 processing fee and $35 bank fee .
  • The center is not responsible for lost and/or left-behind personal property. You must come in to pick up left-behind items.
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