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Who we Are...
Engineering for Grade 3 to 12
  Storming Robots is a year-round robotics and technology learning center focusing on using robotics as means to inspire children's interest and further challenge their intellect in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, (S.T.E.M.), analytic, and strategic thinking.

Our programs models scaffolding learning process in order to promote deeper level of understanding. It aims to build and strengthen problem solving skill with computational thinking via engineering process. We strive to fuel, and reinforce habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics and technology fun.

We create a learning environment instilling the life learning - humility, perseverance, making appreciation of challenge infectious.

Mission Statement:

Fueling, Reinforcing habitual and autonomous learning via hands-on robotics and technology fun.  Build a generation competitive in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Build a hands-on science, engineering, and technology centric model for building and strengthening foundation in engineering for children from Grade 3 to 12.

By starting today's students to robotics hands-on technology early on will prepare their ability to deal with complex problems in either technology or various life experience in their future... No matter whether these students may become from engineers like roboticists, to other  professionals like doctors, lawyers,  schoolteachers. 

Testimonials from Parents...
Many students continue with Storming Robots until they graduates to collgege.

Here is a link to some feedback from parents. 


Meet our staff
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We take robotics education to the level of technical challenge not commonly present in grade schools. We offer a variety of programs for children focusing on engaging hands-on exploration in robots design skill, building, and programming. 

Storming Robots students attend annual robotics competitions. Among various winning high standing experiences, Storming Robots team won the RobocupJunior USA Championship in 2009 and 2010.

Combining our in-house expertise, we utilize curriculum designed by renowned robotics institutions, such as the Robotics Academy at the Carnegie Mellon University, the Robotics Educator Projects by NASA, Tufts University, and numerous other enthusiastic robotics communities.

Why robotics is so valuable...

Robotics is inherently multi-disciplinary.  Not only it covers S.T.E.M., it also extends in realm of invaluable skills such as communication, research, project management, writing, strategic  and analytical thinking.

Read more about why robotics is such an invaluable curriculum.


learning tools

A joint effort from MIT, Tufts University, and LEGO has brought the intriguing world of robotics technology to our children.

We choose  the awarding winning LEGO® MINDSTORMTM  Robotics Technology, as well as Open platform like Arduino. Programming environment ranges from GUI-platform to text-based programming language. 

We continuously evaluate great various learning tools for different levels of interests.  This will extend our programming environment to C, C++, Java, and possibly other industrial software gives your children a head start.

working with G&T...

We strongly believe in allowing children to work with peers with similar intellectual caliber in order to maximize the learning experience. Along with proven strong curriculum obtained from the CMU's Robotics Academy and other resources,  all projects conducted onsite are further enhanced with advanced challenge in order to stretch students to their full potential.

In our weekly roboclub technology club, grouping is ability-based, instead of grades-based. 

Storming Robots utilizes from quite a few online resources. The following lists our major resources.

The LEGO(R) Engineering by the Center of Engineering Educational OutReach program from the Tufts University.

The Robotics Academy (Carnegie Mellon U.)

The National Robotics Engineering Consortium maintained by Carnegie Mellon University offers curriculum and activities for teaching robotics.

Technology Interactions 2003: Teacher Resource Guide by Henry R. Harms and Neal R. Swernofsky (Glencoe/ McGraw-Hill)

This is the resource guide to Technology Interactions, which contains teacher support materials for implementing this curriculum in the classroom.

The TECHKnow Project: High School: Student Edition 2 by Technology Student Association (TSA) (Centre Pointe Learning)
The TECHKnow curriculum was written for technology teachers and their classroom.

Technology and Engineering Curriculum Review.
Online resources for science educators by the Museum of Science in Boston.

Engineering Books Resource
College House Enterprises is small publisher dedicated to providing high-quality, reasonably priced textbooks that stress the importance of design in engineering and  robotics using LEGO microcontrollers. The content is based on successful practices in teaching engineering design and robotic development

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