Math Group


  • Serve as a feeder group into the Raritan Valley Math Group Led by Simon Lee, a professional working in a Fortune 500 company, high Math Competitions Veteran, graduated from Columbia University with MS in Mathematics. Please note: RVMG runs independently from SR. RVMG meets throughout the year and form teams to participate in for various math competitions, including ARMLPUMaC, and HMMT.
  • Deepen individual's understanding analytical math, especially in proofs and quantitative thinking, but not for competition per se.

RVMG Qualifying Test Date:

In response to the overwhelming interests to in the Raritan Valley Math Group ("RVMG"), Storming Robots is pleased to announce that we are holding a qualifying test on behalf of RVMG.

  • December 17th, 2016 | Saturday
  • 9:00 am to 10:00 am
  • Test Registration Cost: $10 for current Storming Robots students. $20 otherwise.
  • To reserve a seat: Email Us

Materials and Topics:

  • the  renowned "Art of Problem Solving" Series.
  • Number Theory, Probability and Proofs


Students who have demonstrated strong math achievements and maturity to work with others.


  • High Proficiency in Algebra I
  • Passed a Math Test provided by Raritan Valley Team Coach.

Cost & Schedule 

Weekly 1.5hr-session:
  • Fall (10 weeks) : $300
  • Winter and Spring (8 weeks each) : $240
Detailed schedule will be available shortly.

Please note: While RVMT provides opportunities for students much beyond AMCs, our onsite program will only tailor students between AMC8 and AMC10. Currently a more solid process is being hashed out by the RVMT and SR. More information should be available no later than January of 2017.