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Center Policy
Engineering for Grade 4 to 12

Policies are put in place in order to keep enrollment/Labs/Staffs assignment manageable,  and keep tuition down.  Therefore, they are strictly enforced.

Note: We try to explain policies to reasonable details without being lengthy.  Often, common sense dictates. If you still have any doubt regarding SR's policies, please contact us  before you register.   Your registration means that you agree to Storming Robots' Terms. 

Exceptions are ONLY granted for incidents out of your control,  such as serious illness, and loss of income.  Some form of verification is required.  

Code of Conduct

In order to maintain an environment which is not only educational, but also safe and fun for all attendees, students are expected  to meet the expectation in academic and personal integrity, respect for all members of the community.   To this end, students must adhere to our Honor Code (see below). We regret that we could not  accommodate students who are unable to meet these expectations.

Rules for Proper Conduct:    

  • Show courtesy and respect for others.
  • Avoid using profane or rude language.
  • Behave responsibly, and always exercise self-discipline.
  • Be respectful to the robot.  The robot, just like any electronic equipment,  can be damaged by rough play, such as manually push the robot, throwing it against a hard surface.  (Clear instruction in proper treatment will be given to the students at the beginning of the class)
  • No horseplay.
  • No continuous disruptive behavior.
Disciplinary Actions:

1. If a student who is involved in a serious disciplinary situation, his/her  participation may be terminated at administrator's sole discretion without refund.  Hopefully, such circumstance will never happen. However, it is important to have this policy in place in order to be fair to other participants. 

2. If it is absolutely clear that the student purposely poses damage to the robot, not only participation will be terminated at the first offense,  parent will be held responsible for paying for the replacement cost of the market value.

Proper Handling of robots

All batteries are fully charged before installation.  All robots are tested to be in perfect health before the first class.  The following describes the proper handling of the robot.


  • Treat your robot like a delicate electronic equipment.
  • Place them in the storage box gently after each class.
  • Place them so that they will not come to any harm (example: away from the table ledge).
  • Put away all components in the provided storage box after every class.


  • Push the robot manually.  This shortens the life of the batteries, as well as future malfunction of your robot. With proper execution, batteries last for hours. Otherwise, battery power will last an unreasonably short time and the robot may cease to function completely. If this situation arises, no replacement will be provided.
  • Allow your robot to remain stuck during operation. If your robot is stuck during execution of its program and the motors are still running, you should pick it up as soon as possible.
  • Handle the robot roughly, such as purposely drop it on the floor or any hard surface, or drop a hard object onto the robot.
  • Allow liquid to come in contact with the robot.

Policy on Recurring Payment Method

In order for us to keep the recurring sevice free for all our students' families, we must work with a manageable process. The following lists the simple rules:
  • Credit card payment method is required. Full term payment must be received if payment is made by check.
  • All payments will be processed on a following 10th, 20th, or 30th (or 28th in February) within a month.  For example, your registration submitted on the 12th, your first recurring payment will be on the 20th.
  • The first tuition payment must be submitted minimum two weeks prior to the beginning of a term.
  • $5.00 Administrative cost for each CC decline after the 1st one.

    Storming Robots provides recurring payments service at our expense, but with no additional cost to you.   However, each payment decline incurrs additional administrative cost.   Therefore,  it is important that you will contact us to update your CC information.   Otherwise, each decline at the 2nd  occurrence and on, will automatically add $5.00 administrative cost onto your account. 

Payment & Cancellation Policies

The following refund policies apply in the event of cancellation or withdrawal.   Reserving a seat means that you have committed to hold the seat.  You will be fully responsible for the tuition and be subject to the following payment policies:


I)  For all member:
  • All renewal MUST BE trimester-based.
  • $60 deposit is required to process a renewal or new registration.
  • Minimum one third of tuition must be submitted one month prior to first day of class.

II)  For new member:
  • ONLY the first four sessions will be considered to be trial period.  If you decide to renew after that, you must commit to the rest of a full term.  See the Trial period payment table.
  • First time Roboclub member registration fee of $30 is non-refundable in any circumstances.

III) Cancellation/Late Payment policy for both new and returning:
$60 is non-refundable unless it is a result of change determined by Storming Robots.
*** Notification of Withdrawal MUST be received in writing by either e-mail or mail.
Prior to Term starts:
 > 4 weeks 100% Refund  - deposit (if applicable)
 > 2 weeks Refund 50% of Full Term Tuition
  Otherwise No refund

  • No tuition carry-over to the next term.
  • "No show" does not negate your obligation of payment.
  • There will be an one-week grace period after the first class.  Otherwise, $14.00 late payment will be applied.

Independent Intro Workshop

  1. Seat is reserved only after payment is received.
  2. Reservation of a seat means commitment to the exact date. One seat has been reserved solely for you, and will not be available for another student unless you have released your reservation 4 days prior to the scheduled date. Therefore, you will still be responsible for the cost for a missed session without a 4 days notice; unless it is due to illness. For illiness reason, a doctor verification is required.
  3. Four days notice prior to the reserved date for cancellation or rescheduling in order to obtain full refund.
  4. "No Show" without prior notification may result no future enrollment to Storming Robots program will be accepted.

Summer Workshops

Minimum Administrative Cost:
  • $50 non-refundable administrative cost if you have chosen any recurring CC payments method. OR
  • minus $25 non-refundable administrative cost for any other payment method.
Notification Received Refund Deadlines
Prior to May 15th 100 % minus Administrative Cost
May 15th to June 15th 50 % minus Administrative Cost
After June 15th No Refund
  The only Exception:  "unforeseeable" medical reason. Letter of verification from your child's doctor is required.  
Important Note:
  • If a participant repeatedly violates the code of conduct or commits serious disciplinary offenses, participation will be terminated at the administration’s discretion without refund.
  • All of staff assignment and classes preparation work has been completed according to registration by May.  This refund policy is put in place in order to conduct proper coordination of staff and classes management, as well as being fair to those who may have been declined as a result of full enrollment.

School Technology Trip Workshops


For All Programs

  1. In any event when cancellation is due to the student's unforeseeable medical reason, pro-rated refund minus administrative cost will apply after a doctor's letter is received for verification.
  2. Absolutely NO refund and NO rescheduling for "No show". "No Show" means you do not demonstrate any effort to inform us until the day of the program.

  3. Staff is not permitted to administer medications.  Arrangements MUST be made accordingly before the beginning of your registered session.  

Makeup class policy
Only apply to roboclub. No makeup sessions for any other workshops.

Our strength is to fluidly move the class work based on the pace and dynamic of each group, instead of confining everyone in a rigidly predefined projects like most other conventional programs. This allows students to grow and learn at their fullest potential. In addition, given the nature of our classes being teamwork focus, open-ended, and project-based, even two classes in the same level may not work in identical pace.

Therefore, the following policy is strictly followed in order to minimize discruption to any class:

  • No makeup session will be provided for lower level students. Instructors will help students catch up at next regular class time.
  • For advanced students, instructor must deem a make-up session for the student will be productive.
  • During make-up sessions, students must be able to work independently. 
  • No makeup session can be carried over to the next term.  Missed classes cannot be redeemed.
  • There is absolutely no walk-in to a session which you did not sign up for. 
  • All make up sessions must take place either one week before or after the missed session.
  • No schedule shifting.  For example, you cannot come in 30 minutes earlier because you wish to leave class 30 minutes earlier.

Refer-A-Friend Appreciation gift Eligibility

Your friend:
  • has never attended Storming Robots' programs;
  • is not sibling;
  • must have committed to at least one full program/workshop with full payment.
  • must inform us about the referral at registration, no exception.
** Referee will be contacted for verification.
Any Child of unsuitable age for a class (such as: infants, toddlers, or younger siblings) will not be permitted in computer labs. They MUST be under their own parent's/guardian's supervision at all times while they are at the center.

The center is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

Food Allergies Preventive Guidelines

For areas where food is consumed, hand washing, no food sharing, and the routine cleaning of surfaces where food is consumed to avoid cross contamination are practices that students and school staff need to learn and use.

All students must NOT bring food/drink into the lab (no gum chewing either).  Everyone MUST wash their hands after restroom visit and food break.  Should NOT just count on only hand sanitizer because it does not break down protein, e.g. from peanut.  Wash your hands!

Only during the full day workshops when students are given snack and lunch break.  All surfaces will be wiped with safe cleaning agent.

If applicable, the epinjection/autoinjector needs to be accessible for quick access within several minutes of a reaction and kept in a secure but unlocked location.

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