Robotics with Electronics

arduino boardThis track is for those who wish to create their own robots or devices with electronic prototyping platform instead of Mindstorms kit. You will learn to work with Arduino. Students will be engaged in building electronics projects and robots in C++ programming environment.

Arduino is one of the most commonly used controllers in low-cost electronic prototyping in college as well as in commercial world.

 Before you participate in this track, you must have programming background equivalent to satisfactory completion of Algorithms in C/C++ - B level. Most students who participate in this are in 8th to 12th grades.

 Solid Algebra I and Middle School Geometry IS A MUST.

To Register:
 For all new students: You must meet the prerequisites stated above and submit 2 recommendations from Math/Science teachers or Robotics Competition coach. Please Click here to submit online registration.  

  For returning students:  Please email to office .

What you need before you start?
You will need to have your Arduino basic components. This link to the basic materials that you should purchase before class, and accessories in the future.
If you do not own any Arduino kit, and would like us to get the "Minimum to have for Beginner" kit for you, we must receive your email request with at least 2 weeks before class starts. The cost to you will be approximately $100.