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Algorithmic programming Track  - Algorithms in C/C++

Recommended for current Robotics Club Gr 8+ students. This track is not just about programming, but is about focusing on learning and improving "computational thinking" with algorithmic programming skill.

Ability to think computationally is indispensable in doing scholarly research in any scientific or engineering discipline.

Before any of our Robotics Club students is allowed to participate in any higher level of competitions or advanced project, one must have completed minimum Level I in this Algorithm path. Students who have taken this path have evidently demonstrated their higher ability in robotics programming design. All of these achieved students have also showed great ease in achieving Score 5 in AP Computer science A study as well.

Click here to view detailed syllabus covered in all Levels of Algorithms in C/C++ at Storming Robots.


  • Solid Algebra I and Middle School Geometry IS A MUST.


C Programming: A Modern Approach - ISBN: 0393979504 (Required). 
Download and install the  "Microsoft Visual Studio Community" Version, which is a free, full-featured IDE for individual developers.

The site to download this might be slightly different overtime. You are recommended to search online to find the latest link. The site was  under "" in September of 2016. 

Please make sure you will install the C++ package.  It comes with a whole lot many other compiler software and libraries, such as C#, SQL,  etc.  You do not need these for this track  . You need the C/C++ package.  Students need this for working on their homework.

Do note:  You are responsible to ensure the software will run on your machine.   We shall not be able to provide technical support for your installation, especially when you are going to run this on an Apple laptop.   if you intend to use this on an Apple laptop, you will need either a virtual machine like VMWare, or Parellels, etc., or the Native BootCamp assistant in OSX to designate part of your hard drive to Windows. If you are not familiar with this process, you will need to bring your laptop to one of the Apple store to assist you on this installation. 

Recommended homework assignment:
As you see, they are “recommended”.  Since this is not a regular school course, you won’t be graded.  However, parents will be informed via email when students are demonstrating great difficulty to make reasonable progress.   In order to make good progress, you WILL NEED to put in at least 2-4 hours a week at home to do “recommended” reading and programs.
Pros: Computer Science and programming skill is indispensable in many science and engineering fields. They are indeed extremely helpful in any other fields in this digital age.

This track aims to build a much more solid software development background, and algorithmic thinking. For those who have done this before have evidently demonstrated their higher ability in robotics programming design as well. 

Cons: will NOT involve robots. I do not see this as a down-side at all. However, it is important for you to be aware of the expectation. This track may get pretty "dry" and non-interesting/fun to someone, especially the younger folks.