Storming Robots Development Group


Build upon Strengths and Capitalize on opportunities to make a difference!

This is formed by a small group of highly selective Computer Science and Robotic Engineering high school enthusiasts from Storming Robots. They got together to create not only software engineering projects with new ideas, but also learning opportunties to enhance others' strength in STEM.

Most of the development will be focusing on the Webots™ Robot Simulator. What is Webots™? Webots is a sophisticated robot simulator which has been designed mainly for professional use in industry, education, and research. It requires programming experience usually in university and professional levels.

May access all their current developments and contributions via the "Software & Tutorials" menu.

Projects Summary list:

Project Goal Developer Current Phase
Develop Google Blockly API on Webots™ (Robot Simulator) Created a development environment accessible by the less experienced in order to work with the Webots™. Click here to get tutorials, download and install the environment. Jeffrey Cheng, Julian Lee, Victor Hu Release Candidate.
Create RCJ Rescue Line Simulation Competition Environment Encourage students to participate in Robotics Competition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeffrey Cheng, Julian Lee, Victor Hu 1st Annual Rescue Line Simulation Contest: August 7, 2021.
Create Add-ons Remote Server/Client Communication environmentfor Webots™ As part of the RCJ Simulation Development group, he will develop the TCP/IP layer to allow RCJ competition server remotely communicate with teams' computers for the 2022 Simulation Competition. Victor Hu Target Beta Date: Sept, 2021.
Create Add-on for RCJ Maze/Webots™ Competition As part of the RCJ Simulation Development group, he continues to develop changes in Webots environment for RCJ's 2021 World Simulation Competition. Jeffrey Cheng On-going until June of 2021.
RCJ Maze/Webots™ Tutorial and hosted webinars Assist the World RCJ Teams to learn programming robotics simulation with the industrial Webots™. Jeffrey Cheng, Victor Hu Completed - June to Oct of 2020.

Our Motto

At SR, we continuously cultivate students' love in  creating ideas and take on challenge outside their comfort zone  taking ownership of their own learning,  being engulfed with the enthusiasm for ways to not only develop their own strengths, but also leverage their new-found knowledge through helping others.