2020  Online Instructor-led Summer-Camp Schedule


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  • Well-structured daily schedule.
  • Instructor-led technical hours - 1:4 to 1:6 instructor:students ratio. One hour in the morning, and another hour in the afternoon.
  • Time for self-pace projects development, and interacting with peers with similar interests. If applicable, projects involve collaboration among peers.
  • Build individual/team technical portfolio.
  • Individualized performance report and recommendation.
  •  Awards! See below.

Daily Routine

9 to 10am

First hour of Instructor-led, but interactive technical session. Typically, instructor will cover important concepts for the day, and prepare students for a project for the day.

10am to 12:00pm

Free time to work on Projects. Online (supervised) channel remains opened for students to interact with class mates. Technical assistant(s) will be available for technical questions.

12 to 1pm : Lunch Time

Lunch break. Online Channel will be closed during this time.

1 to 2pm

Second hour of Instructor-led, but interactive technical session. Typically, instructor will review their work, and provide feedback and further lecture on improvement and enhancement for a given project.

2 to 3pm

Time to build each student's portfolio. Students will utilize a web tool to create their daily log and portfolio for themselves. This will allow the students to share with their friends and parents. This will heighten their sense in the importance of ability in publishing and sharing their work.

After Camp Follow up

 Special Friday

Students will wrap up their final project, and deliver a speech to the group online to reflect their achievement throughout the week. Their speech will be recorded and will be inserted into their online engineering journal.

 Engineering Journal

We cannot emphasize enough the value of a technical engineering journal. This is an indispensable skill for any science research and engineering. We continue to enforce that practice. We also want students to have an opportunity to experience like a little professional to have his/her own work captured and published online! Only With parents' permission, the journal will also include a video of the presentation of their work in class.

 Report and Recommendation

Parents will receive a link to student's reports. Feedback report will reflect students' performance report, as well as provide recommendation for further development to strengthen students background in robotics and computer science.

 Special Awards for Engineering Portfolio by the end of August

    (for two age groups: 5 to 7 grades and 8+ grades)
  • The top 2 Awards: $40 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  • The next top 2 Awards: $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.

 1-2 left
 3-4 left
 5+ left
 Progressive: You will progressively advance your programming skill at their own pace. Take one week if you wish to just explore. You may continue weeks of this workshop to further in-depth knowledge, up to some algorithms usually introduced in advanced college levels.

 Robot Kit, Electonic devices: Will receive robot kit prior to camp.  View here about policy.