What you need to know about changes in college testing. (SAT, AP, ACT, SAT-II, etc.)

Date: March 22nd.   Duration: About one hour.    Where: RVCC..


This talk is about standardized tests (SAT/ACT/AP/SAT Subject) and how they fit into college admissions. What criteria are important for college admissions? How should college bound students choose which tests to take and when? How much testing and what score range is needed? What if my school does not offer the AP courses I want to take? Is it worthwhile to retake the test if my score is XXX? Will all of my scores need to be reported for admissions? What options are there for a student who has very high scores in one section but very low scores in another section?

Speaker : Dr. Sharon Lee

About the speaker: About the speaker: Sharon Lee completed her B.Sc. (UBC) and Ph.D. (University of Waterloo) in Chemistry. After a career working for multinational companies in her field during which she was granted ten patents, she has homeschooled her two children from primary years through high school. She has also been the homeschool instructor for multiple AP science courses, as well as the homeschool guidance/college counselor. Both children have been students at Storming Robots; the oldest is a rising college senior who will be an intern at Google this summer. She is the co-organizer of the Raritan Valley Math Group, and authored the book Finding Your Way through the Maze of College Prep Tests published in 2013. Sharon states that there have been many changes since 2013. Thus, that book will not reflect the latest changes. You are recommended to attend her talk to be updated on the changes in standardized testing and the expectations for college admissions.