Required Learning Resources for SR school year programs...

Gr. 4 to 6 or Gr. 7 to 9 : Robotics Projects Group.

Required Materials for practice at home - RobotC Virtual World Software.

Practice at home is important in order to make satisfactory progress. Thus, having access to the Software is required.

Storming Robots has established a partnership with the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy to provide you an 180-days license for RobotC Virtual World for a minimal cost of $10. It will be added to your total tuition for the term.

A license key will be emailed to you within one week prior to the beginning of a term. Here is a link to guide you for installation and practices.

Gr. 8+ : Algorithms in C/C++ (Computer Science Track.)

  1. Purchase the text book : C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition by K.N. King - ISBN-13: 978-0393979503, or 978-0393979503.
    Where to buy (just some suggestion):
    1. Amazon
    2. Online Buy/Sell facebook group.
    3. Email to our office to check whether we currently have a used book available for sale.
  2. Download and install the IDE - Options (only one of the following):
    1. Microsoft Visual Studio Community Version - C/C++ , (NOT be confused with MS Visual Studio Code). This is the most preferred tool.
    2. Alternative:Online C/C++ IDE. However, it's debugger is very limited.
    3. What if you use Apple OS: Please do note that we shall not be able to offer installation advise if you use Apple OS. If you do have to work on Apple OS, you may choose XCode. However, you will need to make sure you know how to set up the debugger.

Gr. 9+ : Robotics & Electronic (Electronic Track.)

You will need to have your basic components before class:
For Arduino: Here

For RaspberryPI: Here

Competition Groups

Platforms each team chooses vary across the Leagues each participates, as well as team's existing knowledge-base. Core platforms will be determined in the Fall.  For more details.

Robotics Projects Track - Gr. 4 to 6 or 7 to 8 Groups.

Computer Science Track - Algorithms in C/C++ (Gr.8+)

Robotics and Electronic Track (Gr.9+)

Competition Group