Flex-Challenge Pack

Hands-on challenging robotics projects flexible schedule, Maximum 30 hours through a period of 1 to 6 weekk, 10% to 30% off Specials Options. Intro Video

Goal-oriented Projects with automation focus

Flexible Schedule with 4 options

Take home a programmable Robot.

Robotics and Programming Novice?

Upcoming Gr. 5 to 8   Gr.8+
Please click here to select the available schedule best suitable to you this summer.
(Please note: New students are required to pass the assessment test to gain eligibility.
  Select the Programming with Computational Thinking at either the Online or In-person links above.

Summer Flex-Challenge Program

In-Person for students (5th to 7th grade).

Seeking a result-oriented and hands-on robotics programming learning opportunity, but need to have a flexible schedule.

Take Home the Robot and Software needed

At the end of their sessions, students will take home a LEGO Mindstorms NXT (approx. $200) robot that they have built and programmed. We'll provide you the RobotC programming software license ($79 retail) at no additional cost to you.

Prerequisites: All new students must pass an assessment test to gain eligibility.

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