Robotics Club - Robotics Projects Track

Overview of our Robotics Club

The Storming Robots Robotics Club is an engineering program for children from grades 4 to 12. We MUST emphasize that our programs: focus on using Robotics Projects to instill and strengthen engineering disciplines and analytical mind, not just robotics itself. See our Culture and Motto.


SR Robotics Club
  • Comprises of subgroups that allow participants to focus on their interests and strengths, as well as from elementary to college level challenge.
  • Trimester-based, two or more hours weekly meetings.
  • Stress in Computational Thinking.
  • Divided by students' levels, not age.
  • Structured with Application-based, Open-ended Challenges, but Goal-oriented.
  • Opportunity to engage in projects involving AI algorithms, as well as AI-oriented robotics competitions.
Visit our calendar page to see a detailed weekly schedule.