Robotics with Electronics

arduino boardThis track is for those who wish to create their own robots or devices with electronic prototyping platform instead of Mindstorms kit. You will learn to work with Arduino. Students will be engaged in building electronics projects and robots in C++ programming environment.

Arduino is one of the most commonly used controllers in low-cost electronic prototyping in college as well as in commercial world.

(All three must be met.)
  1.  Must possess proficiency in Level I of Algorithms in C/C++, or equivalent. Algorithms in C/C++ falls in our Computer Science Track. If you are interested in strengthening your software development background (which is a necessity in STEM fields), you may look into this track as well.
  2.  Have demonstrated to be a higher order thinker in our roboclub. If you are a new member to Storming Robots, 2 recommendations from Math/Science teachers or Robotics Competition coach are required. Please provide your recommenders the link to this online recommendation form. They will just need to submit it online. No physical form submission will be accepted.
  3.  Highly proficient in Algebra I and Middle School Geometry IS A MUST.

Progress and what to expect:
 Level I: 1st phrase for building the fundamentals.

 Level II:  continue the next level of knowledge buildng.

 Level III: : the project contest phase. This is a stage where students will be accessed prior to being admitted in some of the competition groups which require electronic knowledge.

 Note:  If you think you may skip Phase I, please contact office .

Cost and Registration:
Cost:  Please go here to view the cost table.

 A new member to Storming Robots:   please Click here to apply.  

 For returning students: Please email to office .

What you need before you start?
You will need to have your basic components before class:
For Level I & II : Go here.

For RaspberryPI: Here