Robotics Engineering |Computer Science Programming – Gr.4-12 

2021 Summer - Events and Workshops


Daily Routine

9-11am   or   11:30am-1:30pm

Each day starts with two-hour Instructor-led, and interactive technical session. Typically, instructor will cover important concepts for the day, and prepare students for a project for the day.

2 to 3pm

Independent work group hour. Online (supervised) channel remains opened for students to interact with class mates. Technical assistant(s) will be available for technical questions.

After Camp Follow up

 Special Friday

Students will wrap up their final project, and deliver a speech to the group online to reflect their achievement throughout the week. Their speech will be recorded and will be inserted into their online engineering journal.

 Engineering Journal

We cannot emphasize enough the value of a technical engineering journal. This is an indispensable skill for any science research and engineering. We continue to enforce that practice. We also want students to have an opportunity to experience like a little professional to have his/her own work captured and published online! Only With parents' permission, the journal will also include a video of the presentation of their work in class.

 Report and Recommendation

Parents will receive a link to student's reports. Feedback report will reflect students' performance report, as well as provide recommendation for further development to strengthen students background in robotics and computer science.

 Special Awards for Engineering Portfolio by the end of August

    (for two age groups: 5 to 7 grades and 8+ grades)
  • The First Place: $50 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  • The Second Place: $30 Amazon Gift Certificate.
  • The Third Place: $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.


 Four two-week sections:

  • Section I: wk1: 6/28-7/2 and wk2: 7/5-7/9
  • Section II: wk3: 7/12-16 and wk4: 7/19-7/9
  • Section III: wk5: 7/26-3 and wk6: 8/2-6
  • Section IV: wk8: 8/16-20 and wk9: 8/23-27
 Receive $50 discount if register by April 15th.

There will be additional discount for multiple classes selection.




Algorithms in C/C++ - B to IV

Progressive levels - from novice to advanced. Focus on computational thinking, not just about programming.

C / C++ programming languages. Follow successful model throughout the year.

View detailed schedule and register here

Robotics Simulation with Webots™

Robotics programming with simulation environment designed for industries, and research. May prepare for the SR's Rescue Line Summer Competition Event.

Two Groups: Blockly or C/C++

View detailed schedule and register here



Robotics and Electronics Hands-on Learning

Level I , Level II and
Internet of Things Hands-on projects.

Bring out an engineer inside you. Hone your tech-innate nature. Good way to prepare for your future robotics competition, and the Robotics and Electronic Showcase Event.

View detailed schedule and register here

Raspberry PI with Computer Vision

Level I - Linux OS and Python
Level II - Computer Vision

Gain experience in Linux, a widely used operating system in most science and engineering disciplines in universities, and get a head start in Computer Vision - a major technology in AI.

View detailed schedule and register here

Advanced Placement - Computer Science A and Beyond

Two sections - Beginner and Experienced.

Build knowledge in the Object-oriented Java programming not just to prepare for the AP Computer Science A Exam, but also hone your problem solving and algoirthmic thinking skills.

View detailed schedule and register here