2022 Summer Online Classes!

Motto at SR: Continuously cultivate students' love in creating ideas and take on challenge outside their comfort zone taking ownership of their own learning,

For Grade 8+

Raspberry PI - Linux & Computer Vision.

For Gr.8+

Programming with Computational Thinking

For Gr.5-7 and 8+

Robotic Simulation - Heavily on problem solving

Robotics and Programming Novice?

Gr. 5 to 7   Gr.8+
Please look into the flexImg Flex Challenge program.   Select the Programming with Computational Thinking below.

Electronic programs require programming experience equvalent to AP CS-A, or Programming with Computational Thinking - level I (see below).

online classes

Online Classes

(For Grade 8th+ grade).

For those who wish to continue advancing their software development and robotics programming skills.

Please do review the description and prerequisites of the workshop that you are interested in before signing up.


Programming with Computational Thinking

Computer Science Track Track Online

(Gr.8+) Following our proven excellent record throughout school year, students continue to advance their programming skills with algorithmic thinking - level B to II.

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Robot Simulation Programming

Computer Science Track Track Online

Robotics simulation has become a crucial integral part of a robust robotics platform. It tailors to individuals who are interested in robotics programming and would like to focus on algorithms development than hardware.

Gr.5 to 7 Gr.8+


Raspberry with Computer Vision

Robotics Projects Track Online

(For Gr.8+) Utilize digital images from cameras to accurately identify and classify objects — and then react to what computer “sees". Two weeks classes - Level I and II.

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