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Robotics Competitions - 2014 and 2015

Capture Some Joyful Moments!

SR students continuously ranked high since 2009. Here captures just a few of the best snapshots of World Titles winners. From last to right.
At Storming Robots, we strive to strengthen students' engineering background via our year-round robotics and computer science programs. Our model has successfully built strong critical thinkers who are well-prepared for their college engineering years.

 From Founder:
 We cannot emphasize enough that competition is simply one of many means to motivate and excite students. In that context, “winning” is just a by-product of excellent preparation, execution, collaboration. Dynamic knowledge base amplifies aptitude to adapt unexpected changes. To achieve those goals, we focus on self-discipline in the system engineering process, along with education, commitment, and collaboration.

Focusing exclusively on competitions can be counterproductive. Our goals is to strengthen students' personal growth, not competition. At SR, we compete with careful moderation and focus on developing and strengthening each child’s innate motivation and creativity as well as an appreciation of hard work and enjoyment of the journey. 


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 Criteria (Prerequisites) at Storming Robots for Entering Various Competitions | Exams | Advanced Projects .

 How to meet those criterias? Check out our Programs Tracks.

 Basic hardware required: Here shows the basic list. Most of experienced teams will go beyond this list; and some may use totally different platform.

  Here shows the cost table.

 View side-by-side comparison regarding some Robotics competitions available in USA.

 Find some special summer workshops which may help students to get some exposure, head-start, or in-depth understanding.

zeroRobotic award

 First programming contest in Space!. .

zeroRoboticThis world tournament is hosted by MIT and NASA. The robots are Satellites, and the final round is run inside the International Space Station.     Learn more.



 RoboCup Junior (AI-oriented) Tournament(up to age 19)

This is a pre-college level robotics competition from the renowned World Robocup Tournament. Unlike most other popular robotic competitions available in the U.S.A., RCJ heavily focuses the software development and algorithms aspects. It does not mandate teams to use specific platforms.

  Learn more


  RCJ - Robotics Simulation(up to age 19)

Robotics simulation has become a crucial integral part of a robust robotics platform. Starting in 2020, RobocupJunior launched a Webots™/Maze  Simulation environment. This is designed as a bridge between the Junior (pre-college) and Major League(College and research level). Therefore, it tailors to individuals with higher level of software development background.
  Learn more


 United States Computing Olympiad (USACO)(Age 13 to Grade 12)

This is an exam focusing on Algorithmic Programming, not a competition. It is open to anyone age 13+ to 12th Grade. USACO is the one of the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science Tests. Do well in USACO online exams serves a good indicator of one's ability in algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills. Learn more...