For Gr. 5 to 12

2 groups: Gr.5-8 and Gr.8-12 - Novice to Advanced. Robotics and Programming (in analytical capacity). Rewarding way to gain competitive edge for the new school year.

The E-booklet


Overview of SR CT focus Summer

8 weeks packed with Robotics and Software Development workshops to build Computational Thinking Skills - prepare student for an AI future.

Overview Video

Competition and Adv. Weeks

Satellite Programming Competition (by MIT and NASA).
Two 2-week Advanced workshops diving into comp. programming and robotics.

Register for Summer

Summer at Storming Robots

Storming Robots' 8-week program, extending from late June to late August, presents an outstanding opportunity for enthusiasts in the fields of robotics and computer science.

Students may opt for either one week to explore, or multiple weeks for in-depth enhancement. This accommodation caters to both novices and highly experienced individuals, engage each participant to meet his/her full potential.

With a focus on hands-on, application-based projects and an interdisciplinary approach (i.e. utilizing math, robotics, and computer science as valuable tools), our programs aim to foster higher-order thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Great NewsWe shall again participate the 5-week ZeroRobotics Middle School Satellite Programming Competition. Tentative weeks: 6/24 to 8/2 (no meetings: 7/1 to 7/5).

2024 In-person Workshops

(For Gr. 5-12) Weekly Half-day Schedule with focus on software development, robotics and electronic, and advanved learning in computer vision (Bridge to Machine Learning). Mon-Fri : 9AM to 12PM, or 12:30 to 3:30PM.

Online Classes

(For Gr. 8-12) Available for Advanced Placement Computer Science A students. Two 2.5-hr classes per week for 5 weeks.

Eight weeks to choose.

Flexible Schedule for one or more weeks - June 24th to August 23rd (no class: July 1st): AM/9-12 or PM/1-3 or Both.
Some Full Days for advanced workshops.

Payment Plans

$100 Deposit at registration with $50 non-refundable (100% applicable towards the tuition).
Remaining balance broken into monthly installment till the week prior to your workshop.

Early Registration

by Feb 28th: $50 off.
by March 31st: $40 off.
by April 30th: $30 off.
by May 31st: $20 off.

Other Savings!

AM+PM same week: $100 off . AM+PM different week: $40 off
Refer-A-Friend (See Refer-A-Friend Discount Eligibility): $50 off.
Sibling Discount: 10% for 2nd child   *  20% for each additional. (apply to the lower cost)

General Schedule

AM: 9 to 12. PM: 1 to 3. Choose both AM and PM within the same week - additional $60 saving.
Full Day classes: 9AM to 3PM
ZeroRobotics: 3 different timeslots throughout the day. 2 in-person, 1 online.

Extended Care

Early drop-off: 8:30AM (at no cost).
Late Pickup between 3-6PM.
Hourly Cost: $16/hr.
Weekly Flat Cost (M-F):
$150 (3 to 6PM)
$100 (4 to 6PM)

About Late Pickup (Supervised)

Must be reserved with minimum one week notice prior to the week
Facilitate unstructured relaxing time after a full day of mind-challenging learning.
They may choose to play either outdoor or indoor with board games, reading one of their favorite books, etc.

Low instructor:student ratio

4-6 students per instructor. Instructors are robotics, software development enthusiasts throughout the school year (not just summer time), robotics competitions winners, and individuals who have placed high in ACSL and USACO Silver/Gold receipents.

Go Green

Go Green and BeingEco-friendly!

All workshops materials and registration information are accessible only online. Online registration is required.

Report and Recommendation

Each student will receive an individualized performance report, and recommendation for further development to strengthen students background in robotics and computer science.

No mask required

Students who attend in-person are no longer required to wear face-mask on premise. However, SR will continue to follow CDC recommendation to keep our SR community safe at the premise.

Lunch Time

As part of daily check-in process, students will place order in the morning to purchase their lunches. Food is prepared daily and delivered to us by a local restaurant. Here is the nut-free Lunch Menu (cooking with vegatable oil).


Storming Robots is located within the same complex with an Urgent Medical Care Unit (less than one minute walk), as well as Family Doctors office.