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Here, you will find a sampling of student achievements, parent and student feedback, and much more.

College Acceptances since 2009

Most of our high school students have attended Storming Robots since elementary school. Besides being Roboclub members, some of them were given the opportunity to build their leadership skills through competition team mentorship.  Others have worked at Storming Robots as technical instructors or assistants to further exercise bilateral thinking. 
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Cornell University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Lehigh University
  • NorthEastern University
  • NorthWestern University
  • Princeton University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institution
  • Rutgers University- Honors College
    (with Full Scholarship)
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
    (with Full Tuition Scholarship)


  • University of California at Berkeley
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Pittsburgh 
    (with Full Scholarship)
  • University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
  • University of Texas at Austin 
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institution
    (with Substantial Scholarship)

Students travel Distance Statistics

Storming Robots serves students in Branchburg and many surrounding communities. Kids and parents love Storming Robots so much, they are willing to travel significant distances to take part in our programs. Take a look!

Distance Traveled to SR Pie Chart

Feedback from Parents and Students

We cannot thank you enough for providing a fun and challenging environment for Brady to grow his confidence and his intellect for all these years.
I can honestly say that SR and the opportunities provided helped to shape the young man that he is today. We are thrilled to see him build on that strong foundation as he pursues the next chapter of his education. Brady benefited greatly from his time at SR. The extra curricular opportunity provided challenges he would not have received otherwise.
As he heads off to college, he is well prepared for college level course work and fortunate to be in a position to have a choice between many great schools offering a total of $196,000+ of combined merit aid. A very exciting time for him. "    -- 2016 | Chris Bean, Brady's father
It is you and your school inspiring Luke's interest into Engineering starting at his 4th grade and deepened his passion into AI. SR is his second home. He got accepted in NJ governor school. It is not only his personal success, but also Storming Robots'. -- 2016 |  Christine Jin, Luke's mother.
Sid will attend CalTech in the coming Fall. Sid progressed so much and we can't thank you enough for your guidance and the way you taught him perseverance and led path for life skills.
-- 2016 |  Laskhma Kurella, Sid's mother
A shout out to your Storming Robots community as a measure of the success of Storming Robots and the invaluable impact it has on the lives of your students.  -- 2015 | Karen VanBlarcum. Another warm note from Morgan after receipt of  additional scholarship at his College Sophomore year.
Daniel received a paid summer internship to work for NASA on the Asteroid 2020 mission. Thank you so much for all you have been teaching him! I'm sure you are an integral part of his success!-- 2015  |  Laura Kolano, Daniel's mother
Brady has earned a composite score of 36 in ACT.  All of the years he has spent at Storming Robots has certainly had a hand in his high test scores and it has been the one place he has been  continually challenged  and stretched academically"  -- 2015 |  Beth Beans, Brady's mother
I can't rave enough about Storming Robots. My son has been going there for the past 6 years. Elizabeth motivates her students at a high level - take responsibility for their own learning, problem-solving and become THINKERS. In my opinion, they are the ethical standards she upholds. -- 2012 |  Kristen Katko. 
Your program has been an integral piece of Morgan's education since 4th grade! He learned so much thru practical applications. It helped him stand out in college applications, and earned him great scholarships. -- 2013 |  Karen Van Blarcum.
My two children really enjoy Algorithmic in C class. I am so happy to see them discussing their homework and come up with various algorithms in order to resolve the problems. Truly see them developing their computational thinking skill, not just programming"  . -- 2013 | Lada Lobas.
Kevin now is doing a math internship at NJIT using the programming skills he learned from you. The professor complimented Kevin that he possesses programming skills superior to his other college interns…” 
-- 2011 | Patricia Fritz
Letter from the Shore Consortium Gifted and Talented Program organizer  Linda Krebs. Linda has organized annual school trips for G&T students from multiple schools districts to Storming Robots since 2010 for exploratory workshop. -- 2010 | Linda Kreb
Want to let you know how impressed I was with our teams' robots compared to the others'. The intensity of your program was directly reflected in the complexity of our robots. You should feel very proud with your clubs' accomplishments. Your robots rocked!" -- 2009 |  K. Van Blarcum
My daughter came home declaring today’s robotics class icing on cake! She’s extremely happy with the class. I observed a big change of her attitude toward math since last week’s robotic camp. Thank you for providing kids the opportunity! -- 2009 | Bill Lu
My son was so excited and kept talking about the workshop on the way home.  My daughter and her friend were completely comfortable. The big kids enjoyed their robot adventure.  We were so pleased with the day and plan to highly recommend it to our friends.   -- 2006 | K. Moore
I really did not know just how much he would learn. It is such a great way for kids to learn so many  subjects, from physics to computer science, even writing. I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the curriculum you designed…” -- 2006 | K. Katko
Theo really liked the robocamp.  The instructor was great, and the non robotic lessons in physics, engineering were really   fantastic. Theo worked his brain." -- 2005 | Lisa Rabka
I thought it was just programming, but I see all the math work involved, and even on his organization skill. My son learned things that not normally seen in grade school level. This is more than I have expected.
-- 2005 | Homeschool parent

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