Algorithms in C/C++ Track

This track is not just about programming in a specific language, but to understand the underlying fundamentals in analytical and algoritmic skills using computer programming as a tool.  It is about focusing on problems solving skill with computational thinking even for grade schools.  

View our students achievements with USACO exams here. Almost all of our students completed Level I advanced to Silver. Many of them advanced to Gold. The achievements demonstrated the effectiveness of this program.

When to Start?
Storming Robots utilizes Robotics to animate problem solving effort starting from Grade 4.   However, we encourage students to study in this Algorithms in C/C++ Track starting from Grade 8.  

Why is it important?
Automation is entrenched in our daily lives in the era of digital age.  Computer Science with computational thinking is indispensable for strengthening the foundation.  Ability to think computationally is indispensable in doing scholarly research in any scientific or engineering discipline.  This sub-group aims to build this core foundation and sharpen students' problem solving skills in this digital world, no matter whether in engineering, or even liberal arts area.
Ever since this program was launched back in 2010, it has produced thriving record.   Most students who can reach Level II, or even just level I have demonstrated their resourcefullness, and become proficient self-learners in the subject matter.

Certification and other form of Validation
4 professional certification exams (~$300 per seat) at either zero to small amount of cost. .

To Register:
This track consists of four levels.  Click here to view the detailed Syllabus.  
All students should start with Level B.

Pre-requisite: Solid Algebra I and Middle School Geometry IS A MUST.
 For New students:  Please Click here to submit online registration.  

 For returning students:   Please email to office .

What you need before you start?
  • To purchase the text book. See the description in the syllabus.
  • To download and install the IDE (Free)
    Windows OS : Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio Community Version.- Desktop Development with C++.
    Apple OS : Eclipse, Or XCode.
    Please do note that we shall not be able to offer installation advise if you use Apple OS.

    Do note that the MS and Eclipse online links do change from time to time. This is out of our control. Therefore, if the link above does not work, you will need to search them online.