Competition Corner

Major Goals

  • Sustaining motivation and inspiring more inquiries in in-depth knowledge about robotics;
  • With the appropriate robotics competition, we encouraging students to delve in learning about full automation, and exploration in the realm of artificial intelligence.
  • Strengthen competitiveness in science and technology, with integrity, sportsmanship, and professionalism.
Please view SR's Principle toward Robotics Competitions" from our Director.

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United States Computing Olympiad (USACO)

Focus on Algorithmic Programming.  Learn more

ZeoRobotics Satellite Programming Tournament (Gr.9+)

This is the first programming contest "in Space"!.(Gr.9+) . This game is hosted by MIT and NASA. We have participated in this Tournament since 2010 Learn more

RoboCup Junior (Gr.6+)

This is a pre-college level robotics competition from the renowned World Robocup Tournament. We have participated in this Tournament since 2009.   Learn more

First LEGO League (Age 9 to 14)

First LEGO League (Age 9 to 14) . We participated in FLL from 2005 to 2011. Learn more

Questions and Answers

We have tried to address the most common questions from parents and students regarding robotic competitions at SR.   Learn more


Each competition has its minimum grade/age level and technical competency requirements.