Resources Page


Detailed Guide to Robot Virtual World.

Mindstorms (for all grades)

Arduino Raspberry PI Tutorial

External STEM Resources

A tutorial page has been written to complement the guidance provided at the center meetings. This is designed mainly for Storming Robots students to perform further review and exercises at home.   Click here to access the Tutorials Page.

New Roboclub students are not required to purchase the hardware. This posting is meant to only provide parents ideas what to get in order to allow their children to further their robotics exercises at home.

Storming Robots is not an authorized seller for the hardware, nor software. Therefore, we shall not be able to provide you discount; nor can we sell the items to you.   However, we have created a facebook group where you may find interested sellers.

RobotC (used for most of our robotics club students) provides Storming Robots 20% commission for purchases placed thru our website.  You will have to go thru this link to place the order.  We in-turn pass the 20% to our students in the form of rebate. 

We are not responsible any product change, support, and pricing and such.