2022 Spring Term Registration:

March-22nd to June-12th.

All classes are scheduled in ten weekly 2-hr sessions, unless specified otherwise. Spring term registration will open by February 15th. Please join SR mailing list to receive the latest notification as soon as it becomes available.

SR offers both in-person and online sessions. Attention! In-person Classes Policy  ALL students attending in-person classes are required to have been fully vaccinated. Please upload your vaccination records here and review the Covid-19 safety measure here prior to join our in-person classes. This is an extraordinary time, and thank you all for understanding.

This is by invitation only. Competition season spans through both Winter and Spring term, i.e. 20 two-hr sessions from January to early June.

Renewal will start on March 1st.

What is new? Robotics Simultion Classes under Computer Science (with Robotics).

Please do note that all new students are required to pass an assessment evaluation to gain eligibility. If you have yet done so, please  click here to apply.

Parent portal (for returning students)
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Computer Science Track


Computer Science Track - Algorithms in C/C++ B to II

Gr. 8+ (Online and In-person available.)

From Basics to linear data structure. Focus on algorithmic thinking, not just about programming. We have had proven record that students with just level I performed very high in AP CS A. This is the beginning of the pathway leading to robotics competition.    Learn more 


Computer Science Track - Algorithms in C/C++ III to V

Gr. 8+ (Online Only)

Non-linear data structure to widely used and important Algorithms. Students at level III+ are like mini-professionals who demonstrates ability to adapt other languages and technologies on their own. This serves part of the pathway to more advanced competitions andUSACO Learn more 

Robotics and Electronic Track

robotics and electronic

Robotics and Electronic Projects

Gr. 9+

Engaged in hands-on learning in electronics projects with electronic prototyping platform such as Arduino, ESP32. Students gain competitive edge in computer engineering realm. This is also part of the pathway to go into the more electronic demanding robotics competition.  Learn more 

Independent projects-track

Independent Projects

For advanced students with approval only

This facilitates our advanced students, (usually 11th-12th grade), to conduct independent research / engineering projects. Scope of the project will be determined by the students, but under the supervision of a mentor or advisor.

To view some of the independent projects achieved by SR students:  Click here   

Robotics Projects Track - for Gr. 5-6 and 7-8


Option to take home the robot...

Attention! You have an option to purchase a robot unit at a small fraction of the original cost. In addition, you will be provided the software license to the RobotC programming software ($79 retail) for free as well.  Click here to view details.
To order: During the checkout process when you register for a class, you will find an add-on opton.

Robotics Projects Track - Level B to Level II/Analytics

Gr. 7-8
Learning real-world text-based computer programming with RobotC. Robotics projects context positions mathematics as a thinking tool for building reasoning skills to solve problems systematically; and trouble-shooting with sound reasoning.  Learn more 

Robotics Projects Track - Level B to Level II/Analytics

Gr. 5-6 - Online Only
Robotics projects with Open-ended Challenges aim to stimulate creative and critical thinking. Heavily focus problems solving with robotics programming. Utilize C-like Graphical Programming language.    Learn more