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Introduction to SR's STEM Education Model.



World Title 3rd Place at 2019 World Rescue RobocupJunior Competition -

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Team Polaris: Jeffrey Wang, Julian lee (both rising Gr.11th), and Alex Lisenko (rising Gr. 12th).

Award Winning Custom Designed Maze Robot with Computer Vision

Students received the BEST Engineering and Algorithms Awards at the World RobocupJunior Tournament. Team Beings: Daniel Xie rising Gr.10th), and Ethan Wu (both rising Gr.11th).

2018 ZeroRobotics Tech Talk- Introduction

Five members from the team won the opportunity to deliver oral presentation at the 2019 ISSR&D Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a professional level conference. Out of over 100 oral presentations done by professionals and college researchers, there were only six oral presentations were done by high schoolers.

2018 ZeroRobotics Tech Talk- Navigation with Dijkstra

2018 ZeroRobotics Tech Talk- Math work required - Quaternion

2018 ZeroRobotics Tech Talk-Data Modeling to maximize preditability

2018 ZeroRobotics Tech Talk- Automated Testing with AWS

SR Makers demonstrated their projects at Flagship MakeFaire event in NY in 2015.

Here is an embedded video done by Nickelodeon. Our center students: Ethan Wu at:00:14 to 00:24. Neelay Trivedi and Prateek Humane at 1:03 to 1:06.

Credit: Nickelodean