Exciting New Platform (Gr.5-8)

Instead of $400+ but low expandability with LEGO Robot, we start with far lower cost but much higher expandability platform. Scroll down to learn more...

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Programming Environment

Learn the programming language that may directly help them to perform competitions from Elementary to High School level.

Scaffolding Learning

Easy-to-follow structure, accessible to those without any experience to start at introductory topics, then grow into more advanced concepts.

Gr.5-8: Robotics as the main Learning Tool!

Engaged in automation with computer programming from rudimentary to professional level. Nuture problem-solving skills through open-ended challenges. Use Math as one of the major thinking tool, from introduction to Algebra to Geometry to Trigonometry for upper levels.

FAR LOWER Cost to start

Instead of $400+ LEGO bot with LIMITED expandability, you will spend only ~ $120 - $200 with MUCH HIGHER expandability

Hardware Platform

NEW with High Expandability

Plethora of Compatible external devices! Empower students to participate in higher level of robotics competition or independent project in High School years.

Worry about platform too difficult for a beginner?

There is a win-win learning environment allowing students for beginners - Learn the automation with the robot at the center, but practice at home using industrial simulation robot.

Robotics Programming (text-based)

Starts with Circuit Python, then advance to C/C++. This prepares them to get into more advanced learning, and adapt to various programming platforms.

Level B - I

Work with the New PICO robot at the center. At home, students are encouraged to further practicing using an industrial level of simulation environment (which is also used in competition in advanced level).

Level II+

Students should purchase the robot (only approx. $150 to $200) and switch to C/C++.

Gain eligibility to join SR’s competition groups.

Math as the thinking tool!

Develop algebraic reasoning skills and engineering design skills in solving complex problems systematical methodology - engineering discipline.

Higher Order of Thinking

Structured with Application-based, Open-ended Challenges, but Goal-oriented. Focus on active learning and higher order of thinking; and strongly adhered to the engineering process

Performance Reports

ONLINE reporting system to reflect daily progress.

Weekly recommendation report for parents as well.