Apply for Summer STEM internship.

  • This article lists some major summer internship opportunities. Most are highly selective. Strong software development skill, such as level III+ in Algorithms in C/C++, and excellent academic standing will be very helpful. Some are cost-free, and even paid-internship.
  • National Society of High School Scholars posted a list of summer (paid) internship opportunities for high school students in fields ranging from engineering and STEM to business and the arts.

Publish your work

  • Elsevier.

    Elsevier is a leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems This is subject to peer-review. Only approved copy will be published.

  • The Columbia Junior Science Journal.

    This is an online platform for high schoolers to publish manuscripts in the fields of natural sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences. This is subject to peer-review. If your paper leans towards more in science research, this will be a good one to submit. early. Usual submission deadline is in October for each academic year. Only approved copy will be published.

  • Cornell Archived Journal.

    "arXiv" (pronounced as "archive") is owned and operated by Cornell University. This is an open-access journal platform. The site that allows all publications with 3 referrals. It has been recommended to me that you should submit your paper to this site before the CJSJ; as your paper will be more likely to receive feedback.

Here is the Institute of Competition Sciences where you may search many notiable competitions that you may participate. Please visit here to see the competitions that Storming Robots participate.